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      areaBusiness Scope
      1. City bus

      2. Intercity Bus

      3. Rail Industry

      City bus Intercity Bus Rail Industry



      Comprehensive Solutions

      We have an experienced and skilled engineer team.

      Provide customers with quality service and flexible solutions.

      Comprehensively meet customer's needs.

      1. Product features
        Product features
        The front-end video image information is transformed into structured data and stored in the cloud platform for rapid analysis, planning and data integration, so as to provide reliable data analysis and management support.
      2. Innovations
        With 17 years experiences, we had won 37 independent research and development patents issued by the National Copyright Administration and 46 software copyright patents. We continuously make break-through in the application of intelligent bus passenger flo
      3. R & D team
        R & D team
        Established Shanghai Technology R&D Center and established long-term and stable strategic cooperation alliance with Swedish and German partners. Establishing strategic cooperation with universities such as Shanghai University and Shanghai Jiaotong Univers
      4. Professional Service
        Professional Service
        Full range of one-stop smart transportation industry solution customization, business consulting, customer front-end training, professional technical support, 24-hour exclusive customer service, seminars and information sharing services.

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