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      Take advantage of the trend and win the honor of empowering high tech enterprises

      2018-10-25 浏览量:2111 分享到:

      In the golden autumn of 2018, Shanghai Winner Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. completed the national high-tech enterprise recognition, and successfully obtained a new "high-tech enterprise" certificate. At the same time,Winner was also awarded the technological innovation fund of Shanghai science and technology enterprise.

      General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "science and technology are the weapon of the state, on which the state depends, on which enterprises rely to win, and on which the people's livelihood depends". The Nineteenth National Congress also pointed out that we should aim at the world's scientific and technological frontiers and achieve major breakthroughs in forward-looking basic research and leading original achievements.

      The qualifications of high-tech enterprises are to provide the basis for the cultivation and creation of new technology and new business forms, to clear the obstacles, so that enterprises have no worries in the road of scientific and technological innovation.

      Change in time

      The general trend of information development in hi-tech enterprises

      High-tech enterprises are highly dependent on information services in an industry, information technology can help enterprises 24 hours of uninterrupted product development, help to enhance productivity.

      In order to face the rapid changes in the market and enhance international competitiveness, Winner Technology attaches great importance to the application of information technology, more responsive than traditional enterprises, the deployment of resources faster requirements.

      We realize that the implementation of light asset infrastructure operations can focus on supporting enterprise R&D and business development, which will be a major development trend in the future.

      Service oriented

      Help high and new technology enterprises "go out"

      Winner Technologies has been working in the field of Public Transport Intelligent informationization for 15 years. After years of development and accumulated years of industry experience, together with the support of German technical cooperation partners, Winner Technologies has grown into a diversified information technology solutions provider. With the rapid expansion of Winner's network strongholds, it provides services to more than 100 Urban public transport customers in six regions of the country. At the same time, it also joins hands with international partners to create a "go-out" one-stop passenger flow large data service platform for enterprises.

      Winner not only understands the management culture of Chinese enterprises, but also understands the requirements of overseas enterprises for customer service, pays attention to the development of enterprises'specialization, branding and science and technology, and closely follows the pace of global advanced technology and market development, so as to form a boost for enterprise safety management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and at the same time to provide customers with one. It has deep and complete solutions for intelligent information and active safety prevention and control.

      Product + service + operation

      Create valuable services

      In the future, with the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and digitization, Winner will continue to innovate in new areas of services, and will introduce more intelligent information products and active safety prevention and control solutions with the times. Combining with large data applications, Winner will become a more professional public transport intelligent information service for business.

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