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      Technology Shows Charm, Winner Technology Escorts For The First China International Import Expo

      2018-11-06 浏览量:2184 分享到:

      The first China International Import Expo has opened the curtain in Shanghai. Opening up the country, embracing the world and contributing to the world are the main threads of China's development in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. From the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the Communist Party of China sounded the clarion call for reform and opening up to China's accession to the WTO, and the introduction of RMB into the basket and then to the "one belt and one road" initiative. The key nodes of China's interconnection with the world are like shining pearls, linking up the great course of China's opening up for 40 years.


      Linking Shanghai into public transport informatization

      Import Expo is the "stage" of products exhibition in various countries, as well as the "showcase" of intelligent technology and advanced services. Whether in-exhibition forum or out-of-exhibition information service, it conveys the flavor of green, science and technology, fashion.

      "Black King Kong" covering Winner's active safety intelligent prevention and control system 3.0


      In order to meet the high-quality development needs of national public transport information construction, Winner Technology brings its products, technologies and solutions in the field of public transport intelligent research and development to the Expo, thinking of details and implementation, and demonstrates the cashier's professionalism and enthusiasm to the world with fine management and high-tech products.


      Enter time, Winner & Yu Tong work together

      Winner joined hands with Yutong "Black Diamond Kong" to launch a new type of active safety intelligent prevention and control system 3.0, using a new generation of vehicle-borne artificial intelligence, big data and other advanced technologies, to provide traffic network support and data support for the Expo.



      360 Panoramic View System


      Winner Smart Count




      Provide guarantee for information service of Import Expo

      In order to ensure the smooth operation of the traffic during the Expo, Winner technical service personnel will make comprehensive preparations from training, drilling, emergency plans and other aspects, and will complete the work of ensuring the safe operation of the ground traffic during the Expo with the best state and the most refined standards.

      The accuracy and timeliness of data are the basic guarantee of public transportation intelligent informationization. Winner Science and Technology always takes improving the efficiency of city operation and the quality of people's life as its responsibility, and strives to provide excellent passenger flow data service for the public transport operation department, to urge the standardization of driver's behavior and to improve the safety management level of the operation department. Winner insists on innovation and development, and promotes equipment quality and service quality in all directions. With the help of urban intelligence information construction, we build a precise passenger flow cloud platform and active safety intelligent prevention and control system, and German-style precision technology to provide high-quality safe travel for citizens.

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